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          Dr. Oksana Nimkevych
MD, Nutrition Aficionado, Personal Trainer, Member of ASN, ACP, IAFP, SSS.


My mission is to educate people how to sustain youth and health by treating, reversing and preventing chronic diseases, optimizing body regeneration and bringing completeness with mind, body and soul connection.

My favorite quote: "Gone are the days of diagnosing the ill, prescribing the pill and sending the bill, which has worked so well in combating communicable disease, but is hopelessly inadequate in the fight against chronic disease," said ABLM Executive Director Stephan Herzog.

I believe in holistic approach to wellness and lifestyle medicine (traditional medicine is excellent for acute illnesses but fails to treat 99% of chronic conditions, which are vastly treatable and preventable by lifestyle and mind set modifications).


My recent endeavors and true passion: Courses: psychology of eating disorders, power of thoughts, Certificates: international alliance of fitness professionals, Pilates Zumba instructor since 2012, Yoga instructor since 1999, Nutrition specialist in CKD and ESRD, anti-inflammatory diets, whole food, predominantly plant based diets.

I am Practicing nephrologist, medical director for Davita Dialysis Center,

Active board member for National Kidney foundation (Louisiana chapter),

Active member for critical care committee in Ochsner Kenner Hospital,

Active member of National advisory board for acute dialysis for Davita.

My numerous research and publications in the field of practical medicine are dedicated in finding ultimate solutions to people's health and well-being.

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