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Private Kundalini Yoga sessions


                                                        Kundalini Yoga sessions

                                                  1,5 hours

Schedule a free consultation first and let us know what you are struggling with at the moment or what you need help with.

Kundalini Therapy is a powerful technique that can help with many physical conditions, f.e.

Depression and Mood disorders

Hormonal imbalance


Weight loss

Sexual dysfunction


Pelvic floor muscles

Immune system 

Eating disorders



Certain Kundalini meditations are also known for helping with achieving tangible results in the field of finances, relationships, awakening your intuition, creativity, expanding your aura and magnetism and many other blessings. 

Sessions can be arranged at the comfort of your home or outside in the nature in a beautiful surrounding setting. 

What is Kundalini Yoga?


Kundalini yoga is an ancient science which activates all chakras and all 10 bodies. Is it physical? Oh, yes! By using Kundalini yogic breathing techniques, movement and meditation we can alter our consciousness which means attaining brain clarity, relaxation, increased mental focus, a healthier body, happiness, greater self-worth, conscious relationships with our loved ones and a deeper experience in our own spiritual awareness.

On a physical level it helps with hormonal balance, glandular regulation, metabolism, digestive, reproductive systems and many other blessings. The best way to find out about it is to experience it for yourself, f.e. you can do a powerful Breath of Fire technique for 3 minutes and be energetically charged and stress free for the rest of your day. Kundalini Yoga is a transcendental practice which exalts your life at all levels. It can increase your vitality, enhance your sexuality, deepen your spirituality and make you more radiant. It comes with perks beyond inner peace. It is a life changing practice. It used to be kept as a secret for many years by a small circle of people in India until Yogi Bhajan brought it to America in the late 60s and shared it with the western world. My only wish for all of you is to introduce you to all these powerful teachings and make this world a better place to live for us and for children who will come after us. 


Private Kundalini Session:

1 hour for $150 includes one personal prescriptive Kriya 

Buy A Package of 10 and Save 40% (limited promotion)

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