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Costa Rican Body, Mind and Soul Retreat OCTOBER 20-25, 2022. Top 5 reasons to come to our retreat.

The collaboration of our research, science, personal experience, knowledge, meditation, and Kundalini yoga created a platform for living a healthy lifestyle and through this retreat you will be able to learn how to diagnostically scan your life: create your personal life balance wheel and psychosomatic map of your illness or your physical problem, as well as mapping your values and beliefs about food, body, beauty, weight and self-worth.

Learn how to choose food as a medicine. Through the guided meditation and self-reflection find your mission and true calling in life. Write your own personal prescription for a happier, healthier and best version of yourself.

Every day will be enriched with ancient wisdom of Kundalini yoga practice to balance all 7 chakras and 10 bodies with strengthened intuition and open heart.

  • A completely private campus to your retreat's group only.

  • Access to private waterfall, nature paths, incredible flora and fauna, and an ocean view infinity pool.

  • 20+ local professionals will coordinate everything for your enjoyment, from touch down to take off.

  • Gourmet plant-based cuisine, prepared by using all local and organic produce. Full meals, snacks, coffees, juices, elixirs and fruit trays available throughout your stay.

  • Private transportation from international airport to the campus

  • Kundalini yoga practice with Natalya Rostovshchikova. You will feel empowered through ancient Kundalini yogic technology that can sharpen your body, mind and soul.

  • Dr. Oksana Nimkevych will help you to discover a path to deal with mental and physical health, autoimmune disorders and chronic diseases, will teach you how to rejuvenate your body through food and more.

#1. Weight Regulation.

Tired of gaining and losing weight we called it weight yo-yo, we treat the weight as a symptom, will help you gain the best insight why your body is keeping the weight on, with twice a day Kundalini yoga, gluten free organic plant-based farm-to-table diet, lots of jungle to explore, (at least 15k steps per day without even noticing it), psychological workshop to find underlying root cause for holding onto excessive weight.

#2. Professional burnouts.

One of our most popular requests is the ability to find work and life balance. We do not separate your life from work as work is part of your daily life. We help you to incorporate work into your life by identifying your mission so it becomes a joyful experience and not a burdensome responsibility.

#3. Relationships.

Before building a relationship, you need to find this perfect relationship with yourself, self-acceptance and self-love are the key to anything in your life. During the retreat you will establish the feelings of self-worth and self-abundance, you will look at everything with the mentality of a full cup as you cannot pour out of an empty vessel. We will help you to reconnect with yourself and fill yourself with love and respect for yourself so then later on you can go and rebuild or repair any relationship in your life.

#4. Money.

The way we earn, spend and save money, the way we are shy to ask for promotion, the way we try to negotiate salary, the way we feel about what we deserve are defined by the beliefs and patterns that we absorbed from the childhood and social economic environment we grew up in. We will help you to deconstruct the limiting believes and open yourself to abundance.

#5. Health, chronic disease, and unexplained chronic pain.

I am a traditional Western medicine board certified and licensed in terms of medicine. I am a physician and yet I see how many chronic diseases are not treated by traditional medicine. Psychosomatics will give you answers to a lot of questions about your health. During this retreat we will discover psychosomatic bodies that can define your problematic areas and then go into regression or meditation to find underlying emotions causing your illness. And please do not take me wrong, I do not discredit traditional Western medicine. Believe me, if I am in a car accident and my guts are hanging out, I do not need a Reiki healer I need a board-certified experienced surgeon. But many physicians feel helpless in treating most of chronic illnesses if you are not doing your part, this is something that you have to work with your doctor together, and you have to find underlying reason for your problems, all the answers are within you and your physician can guide you and help to support your body, but unless you discover your inner self, no amount of medicine will be able to bring your body to the best self. We will share with you so many tools that you can use in everyday life even after you leave the retreat to always be in sync with yourself and your body, understanding it and always steering it to the best possible well-being state.

Usually, all five of these tools are closely interconnected with each other and you might discover that you have a problem in more than one area.

After 6 days, you will leave with successful techniques to continue creating a vibrant life for yourself and your loved ones.

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